(sine humptiness, nos es nihilum.)

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Welcome to the site of the Tuesday Night Music Club - a bunch of crazy people (mostly from the Long Island Theatre world) who get together Tuesday nights to sing karaoke, dance, drink, and just about anything else.

Where and when, you might ask, can I see (and hang out with / worship / fondle) these crazy people? Well, I'm glad you asked. We get together Tuesday nights, usually starting about 9pm, at the Lizard Lounge (<-- click for more info) in Bohemia.

Current humptiness level :

99 / 100 !

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Although the TNMC is fortunate to have a number of members who are proven and accomplished singers, the emphasis is always upon having a fun night out. Newcomers or "just-in-the-shower" singers need not fear the quality of their karaoke-singing being rudely received. Even our experienced singers often try unfamiliar songs and sometimes fall flat. It's all part of the fun! So please don't be intimidated - just step on up to the mic!

"Theme Nights"

The theme for each week is announced at least one week ahead of time, and everyone picks a song to perform from the given "Theme". The rest of the night you're free to sing from your usual repetoire. It's a lot of fun.

You can see (and hear!) all the craziness and embarrassing moments on the Videos and Gallery pages.



Consumption of alcohol may cause an influx in the time-space continuum, whereby small (and sometimes large) gaps of time may seem to literally disappear. (a full scientific explanation of the phenomenon can be found here. Never let it be said that the Tuesday Night Music Club shies away from the deep scientific and philosophical questions of the universe.)



The Tuesday Night Music Club actually started as a weekly WEDNESDAY gathering of some theatre friends looking for a good mid-week activity, and found it with drinks and karaoke. Most of that original 2001 group are still regulars with the Club today. In those early days, the group gathered most regularly at Eleanor's, a bar in Oakdale, Long Island, where they generally found themselves to be the youngsters of the crowd. By 2002, the group found a home in the newly-opened Lizard Lounge in Bohemia. Over time the group transitioned into Tuesday night gatherings, but with the various members occasionally signing onto various theatre projects, the weekly assemblies became a little more intermittent, and regular attendees dwindled somewhat. Meanwhile, original member Michele began working for the Lounge, eventually becoming a bartender there. The smaller meetings continued, with Ed and George of the original group holding the core together.

Near the end of 2006, the group began to reshape itself. Ed, with current members Jeannine, Michelle ("Not-the-Bartender Michele"), and Dee - known together as "The Whores" (for Karaoke-Whore, not what you're thinking) began making Tuesdays a regular tradition again. The foursome began touring to a variety of locations, but kept the Lounge as their true home base, and now rarely wander off the reservation. George fell right in with the revitalized group, Dee introduced the concept of "theme nights" and awards, and Ed began organizing the outings and, in doing so, brought many new members into the group. Today, members still come-and-go based on their outside theatre projects, drinks have been created and named after core members (ask for the "Sex With Ed" or the "NiNi NuNu"), and new Tuesday Nighters are coming all the time. If you've got a karaoke song in your heart... and an affinity for beer, gossip, and hardcore nudity, then groom those nether regions and come on down! Make sure to check out our "Theme Nights" itinerary so you're well-prepared for a night of fun among a nice group of crazies. Oh, sometimes there's some impromptu choreography, too, so best not to be thrown by that...

The Tuesday Night Music Club gives back! In 2009, VP of Humptiness Steve W went on a special mission to Africa to bring the joy of karaoke to places all over the continent. Check out the slideshow here!

Straight from the Humpty Awards, here's the list of the Top 100 TNMC Performances of All Time!


1. Jerry & Donna Maggio - "Proud Mary"
2. Kelly Honig Mucciolo & Jeannine Willms - "Keep On"
3. Steve Wangner - "The Humpty Dance"
4. Ed Huether - "With a Little Help From My Friends"
5. Juliann Giunta & Debbie Coles - "Soul Man"
6. Michele Sivori Herman - "I Touch Myself"
7. Melanie Lipton Waddell - "In These Shoes"
8. Brian Smith - "One More Minute"
9. Matthew Wisneski - "If I Could Turn Back Time"
10. Kellyann Striplin - "Some Hearts"
11. Steve Wangner - "Whip It"
12. Juliann Giunta - "Magic"
13. Ed Huether - "Daybreak"
14. Melanie Lipton Waddell - "The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun"
15. Joe Mankowski - "Magic"
16. Jen Roller - "Me and Bobby MaGee"
17. Ed Huether - "Show Them To Me"
18. Kim Schiermbock - "Dream a Little Dream"
19. Melissa Gebel & Sue Gross - "Hold On to the Night"
20. Shari Umansky - "Come Together"
21. Sue Gross - "Girls Girls Girls"
22. Stephen Corbellini - "You're So Square"
23. Frank Lamberti - "Saint Anger"
24. Melissa Gebel & Joe Mankowski - "The Chain"
25. Jim Brosnan - "September"
26. Brian Smith - "I Don't Know How to Love Him"
27. Sue Gross - "Girlfriend"
28. Melanie Lipton Waddell - "Toxic"
29. Ed Huether - "Start Me Up"
30. Melissa Gebel - "I'm Not Afraid of Anything"
31. Melanie Lipton Waddell - "To Sir, With Love"
32. Erika Palumbo - "Short Dick Man"
33. Ed Huether – "Vogue"
34. Sue Gross - "It Hurts So Bad"
35. Stephen Corbellini - "The Dance"
36. Jeannine Willms & Shari Umansky - "Take Me or Leave Me"
37. Brian Smith - "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"
38. Jason Trigger - "Rocket Man"
39. Shari Umansky - "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
40. Jerry Maggio - "Shake Your Booty"
41. Bill Kahn - "Kissing a Fool"
42. Kellyann Striplin - "Water From the Moon"
43. Shekinah MacMillan - "The Tender Trap"
44. Kristen Keller - "It's Raining Men"
45. Matthew Wisneski & Joe Quinones - "Hold Me"
46. Stephen Corbellini - "Life in One Day"
47. Melanie Lipton Waddell - "Here Comes the Sun"
48. Cathrina Cruz - "Toxic"
49. Sue Gross - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
50. Melanie Lipton Waddell - "Gypsy"
51. Steve Wangner & Ed Huether - "If I Had $1,000,000"
52. Steve Lomanaco - "Sexyback"
53. Sue Gross - "Smells Like Nirvana"
54. Kristen Keller & Sue Gross - "Bodies"
55. Matthew Wisneski - "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
56. Kelly Honig Mucciolo - "Gives You Hell"
57. Michelle Serpas - "What are Words For?"
58. George Ghossn - "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves"
59. Michele Sivori Herman - "Hanky Panky"
60. Tim Rogers - "Miami 2017"
61. Shekinah M., Kristen K., Jim B., Joe M. - "I'll Be Seeing You"
62. Dee Orhnberger - "All Jacked Up"
63. Kim Volpe - "I'm the Only One"
64. Brodie Centauro - "Creep"
65. Erika Palumbo - "Hanky Panky"
66. Frank Lamberti - "I'm Too Sexy"
67. Joe Mankowski - "Sloop John B"
68. Melanie LIpton Waddell - "He's a Rebel"
69. Ed Huether - "88 Lines About 44 Women"
70. Matthew Wisneski - "Take on Me"
71. Stephen Corbellini - "In These Shoes"
72. Steve Wangner - "Big Balls"
73. Juliann Giunta - "On the Dark Side"
74. Jeannine Willms - "Before He Cheats"
75. Jay Antonio - "Ode to My Car"
76. Steve Wangner - "She Blinded Me With Science"
77. Stephen Corbellini - "Swinging on a Star"
78. Dee Orhnberger - "On the Radio"
79. Melanie Lipton Waddell - "The Man That Got Away"
80. Jim Brosnan - "Mona Lisa"
81. Bonnie Veraszto - "Frank Mills"
82. Michelle Serpas - "Only the Lonely"
83. Debbie Coles - "Under the Milky Way"
84. Sue Gross - "The Rodeo Song"
85. Tim Deleo - "The Streak"
86. Ed Huether - "Burning Love"
87. Wendy DuRussell - "Never Can Say Goodbye"
88. Kellyann Striplin & Matthew Wisneski - "Tell Him"
89. Joe Quinones - "Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song"
90. Cindy Hand - "Hopelessly Devoted to You"
91. Lu Petronelli - "Lipstick On Your Collar"
92. Keith Beukelaer - "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk"
93. Brodie Centauro - "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)"
94. Jeannine Willms - "Fame"
95. Tim Deleo – "The Pussy Cat Song"
96. Steve Lomanaco - "Positively 4th Street"
97. Bonnie Veraszto - "Lost in Your Eyes"
98. Lori Belkin Schneider - "In Your Room"
99. Emma Zeek Aronow - "Lessons in Leaving"
100. Liz Grudzinski – "Love of a Lifetime"

Peace and Humptiness,




The theme for each week is announced at least one week ahead of time, and everyone picks a song to perform from the given "Theme". The rest of the night you're free to sing from your usual repetoire. It's a lot of fun, Theme Nights will be starting up again in September 2011.

If you would like to check if a particular song is in the karaoke system, you can check the database at www.musicbookdeluxe.com.

Fall 2011 --- Spring 2011 --- Winter 2011
Fall 2010 --- Summer 2010 --- Spring 2010 --- Winter 2010
Fall 2009 --- Summer 2009 --- Spring 2009 --- Winter 2009

The 2011 Fall Season

September 20 – "Farm Aid Night" - Winner : Ed with "Short People"!

September 27 – "Songs About Bars/Bartenders" - Winner : Jewels with "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw"!

October 4 – "Shooting (Gunplay-Involved) Songs" - Winner : Steve W with "Hey Joe"!

October 11 – "Motown Night" - Winner : Jewels with "Superstitious"!

October 18 – "Sheryl Crow Night" - Winner : Cheryl with "Soak Up the Sun"!

October 25 – "Your First-Ever Karaoke Song"

November 1 – "Death Songs Redux"

November 8 – "Rod Stewart Night"

November 15 – " 'Hello' Songs"

November 22 – " 'Rocky' Movie Songs"

November 29 – "Time Songs"

December 6 – "Grunge Night / Wild Card Playoffs"

December 13 – "Fall Season Finals"

December 20 – TNMC Annual Holiday Party / Year-End Finals

The 2011 Fall Season

September 20 – "Farm Aid Night" - Winner : Ed with "Short People"!

September 27 – "Songs About Bars/Bartenders" - Winner : Jewels with "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw"!

October 4 – "Shooting (Gunplay-Involved) Songs" - Winner : Steve W with "Hey Joe"!

October 11 – "Motown Night" - Winner : Jewels with "Superstitious"!

October 18 – "Sheryl Crow Night" - Winner : Cheryl with "Soak Up the Sun"!

October 25 – "Your First-Ever Karaoke Song"

November 1 – "Death Songs Redux"

November 8 – "Rod Stewart Night"

November 15 – " 'Hello' Songs"

November 22 – " 'Rocky' Movie Songs"

November 29 – "Time Songs"

December 6 – "Grunge Night / Wild Card Playoffs"

December 13 – "Fall Season Finals"

December 20 – TNMC Annual Holiday Party / Year-End Finals

The 2011 Spring Season

March 29 – "Your First Makeout Song" - Winner : Cindy with "More Than Words"!

April 5 – "Songs By Non Humans" - Winner : Sue with "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch"! Season Finals 2nd Place!

April 12 – "American Pop Standards" - Winner : Steve W with "It's De-Lovely"!

April 19 – "Story Songs" - Winner : Brian with "Copacabana"! Season Finals 1st Place!

April 26 – "Foreigner Night" - Winner : Jewels with "I Don't Want to Live Without You"!

May 3 – "TNMC Grand Poobah Song Catalogue" - Winner : Joe M with "Plush"!

May 10 – "TV Show Themes" - Winner : Jason with "How Do You Talk To An Angel"!

May 17 – "Olivia Newton John Night" - Winner : Kellyann and Ed with "Suddenly"!

May 24 – "Gay Boys Singing Night" - Winner : Dee with "Tiny Dancer"!

May 31 – "Earworm Songs" - Winner : Charlie with "Friends in Low Places"!

June 7 – "Wild Card Battle Royale"

June 14 – "100th NIGHT - Spring Season Finals"

The 2011 Winter Season

January 11 – "Duets Night"

January 18 – "Power Ballads" - Winner : Liz with "Love of Lifetime"!

January 25 - "Novelty Rap Songs '11" - Winner : Steve W with "The Humpty Dance"!

February 1 - "Sheryl Crow Night" - postponed due to weather

February 8 - "70's Classic Rock Night" - Winner : Erika with "Long Train Running"!

February 15 - "Flirty Songs" - Winner : Sue with "Girlfriend"! Season Finals 2nd Place!

February 22 - "Phil Spector Wall of Sound Night" - Winner : Melanie with "He's a Rebel"!

March 1 - "Rolling Stones Night" - Winner : Ed with "Start Me Up"! Season Finals 1st Place!

March 8 - "TNMC GC Swinger Song Catalogue" - Winner : Matthew W with "Take On Me"!

The 2010 Fall Season (the "John" Season)

September 21 – "Advice Songs" - Winner : Stephen C with "Life in One Day"!

September 28 – "Comedy/Novelty Songs" - Winner : Jason with "Ode to My Car"!

October 5 - "Duets Night" - Winner : Kellyann and Matthew W with "Tell Him"!

October 12 - "Beatles Solo Hits" - Winner : Ed with "Got My Mind Set on You"!

October 19 - "The Letter G" - Winner : Wendy with "Never Can Say Goodbye"!

October 26 - "Halloween Songs" - Winner : Steve W with "She Blinded Me With Science"!

November 2 - "David Bowie Night" - Winner : Steve L with "Fashion"!

November 9 - "Sexually Suggestive Songs '10" - Winner : Keith with "Me So Horny"! Season Finals 2nd Place!

November 16 - "Cher Night" - Winner : Matt W with "If I Could Turn Back Time"! Season Finals 1st Place!

November 23 - "Kamikaze Night" - Winner : Juliann with "In the Beginning"!

November 30 - "TNMC Consiglieri Song Catalogue" - Winner : Cathrina with "Toxic"!

December 7 - "Question Songs" - Winner : Kristen N with "Where Does My Heart Beat Now?"!

The 2010 Summer Season (the "Paul" Season)

June 22 – "What's in a Name?" - Winner : Sue with "It Hurts So Bad"!

June 29 – "80's Night" - Winner : Shari with "Kiss Me Deadly"!

July 6 - "Patriotic Songs" - Winner : Jewels with "America the Beautiful"!

July 13 - "Songs to F*** to" - Winner : Matthew and Joe Q with "Hold Me"! Season Finals 2nd Place!

July 20 - "VP Of Humptiness Song Catalogue" - Winner : Jewels and Debbie with "Soul Man"! Season Finals 1st Place!

July 27 - "I Shoulda Won for This Song Dammit" Night - Winner: Kellyann with "Water from the Moon"!

August 3 - "Stevie Nicks" Night - Winner : Melanie with "Gypsy"!

August 10 - "Make-it-up-as-you-go (Kamikaze) Night" - Winner : Ed with "I'd Give My Right Nut (to Save Country Music)"!

August 17 - "Hair Musical Score Night" - Winner : Ed with "I Got Life"!

August 24 - "Bo Diddley Beat" - Winner : Bill K with "Faith"!

August 31 - "Romance-Gone-Wrong Songs" - Winner : Stephen C with "The Dance"!

September 7 - "Queen Night" - Winner : Matthew W with "The Show Must Go On"!

"Wildcard Winner" - Winner : Steve W with "Word Up"!

"Daybreak Award Winner" - Winner : Kellyann with "Hong Kong Garden"!

The 2010 Spring Season (the "George" Season)

MARCH 23 – "Dead Singers Night" - Winner : Kim with "Dream a Little Dream"! Season Finals 2nd Place!

MARCH 30 – "Linda Ronstadt Night" - Winner : Sue with "When Will I Be Loved"!

APRIL 6 - "Jacksons of All Kinds" - Winner : Stephen C with "Tender is the Night"!

APRIL 13 - "British Invasion Night" - Winner : Melanie with "To Sir, With Love"!

APRIL 27 - "Hey Buddy, Can I Borrow a Song? Night" - Winner : Stephen C with "In These Shoes"!

MAY 4 - "Nothin'-Says-Lovin'-Like-Your-Head-in-an-Oven Love Songs" - Winner : Brodie with "Creep"!

MAY 11 - "Country Night" - Winner : Joe Q with "Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song"!

MAY 18 - "LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Musical Score Night" - Winner : Sue with "Dentist"!

MAY 25 - "1950's Sock Hop" - Winner : Lu with "Lipstick on Your Collar"!

JUNE 2 - "'Crazy' Songs" - Winner : Michele the Bartender with "They're Coming to Take Me Away"!

"Wildcard Winner" - Winner : Kellyann with "Some Hearts"! Season Finals 1st Place!

"Daybreak Award Winner" - Winner : Keith with "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk"!

The 2010 Winter Season (the "Ringo" Season)

January 5 – Cities & States Songs – Winner : Michele with "Route 66"!

January 12 – Elvis Night – Winner : Stephen C with "You're So Square"!

January 19 – TV Themes – Winner : Ed with "Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids"!

January 26 – Angry Songs – Winners : Frank with "Saint Anger" <-- Season Finals 1st Place! and Emma with "Lessons in Leaving"!

February 2 – CHICAGO: The Musical Score – Winners : Melanie, Shari, Michele, Sue, and Kristen with "The Cell Block Tango"! Season Finals 2nd Place!

February 9 – Stalker Songs – Winner : Bonnie with "Frank Mills"!

February 16 – Mardi Gras!

February 23 – Madonna Night – Winner : Shari with "Papa Don't Preach"!

March 2 – One-Hit Wonders – Winner : Debbie with "Under the Milky Way"!

March 9 – Oscar-Nominated Songs – Winner : Melanie with "The Man That Got Away"!

March 16 – Winter Season Finals – ‘Nuff said.

Fall 2009 Season
Date    Theme    Winner      
Dec 1, 2009    "1940's Radio Hour"    Stephen C - "Swingin' on a Star"   
Nov 24, 2009    "Duets Night"    Steve W and Ed - "If I Had $1000000"   
Nov 17, 2009    "Elton John Night"    Jay T - "Rocket Man" 2nd place - Season Finals   
Nov 3, 2009    "Carpenters Night"    Matt S - "There's a Kind of Hush"   
Oct 20, 2009    "Grand Council's Choice"    Juliann - "Magic"   
Oct 13, 2009    "Rat Pack Night"    Stephen C - "Nice and Easy"   
Oct 6, 2009    "Showtunes Potluck"    Melissa - "I'm Not Afraid of Anything" 1st place - Season Finals   
Sep 29, 2009    "Vice Night"    Michele - "Hanky Panky"   
Summer 2009 Season
Date    Theme    Winner      
Jun 30, 2009    Summer Songs    Joe - "Magic"   
Jul 7, 2009    Disco Night    Jerry - "Shake Your Booty"   
Jul 14, 2009    Death Songs    Juliann - "And When I Die"   
Jul 21, 2009    Billy Joel Night    Brian - "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"   
Jul 28, 2009    Sing-to-Your-Ex Night    Brian - "One More Minute" 1st place - Season Finals   
Aug 4, 2009    Anatomy Night    Michele - "My Humps"   
Aug 11, 2009    Calendar Songs    Jim - "September"   
Aug 18, 2009    Back to Woodstock    Jen R - "Me and Bobby McGee"   
Aug 25, 2009    Barry Manilow Night    Ed - "Daybreak" by popular vote - IN THE YEAR-END FINALS   
Sep 8, 2009    #1 on the Day You Were Born    Sue - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"   
Sep 15, 2009    Carole King Night    Kristen - "Natural Woman"   
Sep 15, 2009    Poobah's Choice    Melanie - "The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun" 2nd place - Season Finals   
Spring 2009 Season
Date    Theme    Winner      
Mar 31, 2009    Surf Music Songs    Joe - "Sloop John B"   
Apr 7, 2009    Childhood Favorites    Tim - "The Streak"   
Apr 14, 2009    Beatles Songs    Shari - "Come Together"   
Apr 21, 2009    Fake Bands    Kelly & Jeannine - "Keep On" (The Brady Bunch) 2nd place - Season Finals     
Apr 28, 2009    Weather Songs    Melanie - "Come in From the Rain"      
May 5, 2009    80's Night    Steve W - "Whip It!"      
May 12, 2009    Disney Night    Ed - "Kiss the Girl"      
May 19, 2009    Gender-bender Night    Jerry and Donna - "Proud Mary" 1st place - Season Finals     
May 26, 2009    Duets Night    Jeannine and Shari - "Take Me or Leave Me"      
June 2, 2009    Girl Divas / Boy Bands Night    Melanie - "Toxic"      
June 9, 2009    Prom Night    Melissa and Sue - "Hold on to the Night"      
June 16, 2009    Bob Dylan Night    Steve W with special assistance from Kim - "Subterranean Homesick Blues"      
Winter 2008/2009 Season
Date    Theme    Winner      
Jan 6, 2009    Novelty Rap Songs    Steve - "The Humpty Dance" 2nd place - Season Finals     
Jan 20, 2009    Duets    Kelly & Ed- "Start of Something New"      
Jan 27, 2009    Weird Al    Sue - "Smells Like Nirvana"      
Feb 10, 2009    Country    Ed - "Show Them to Me" 1st place - Season Finals     
Feb 24, 2009    Sexually Suggestive Songs    Michele - "I Touch Myself"      
Mar 3, 2009    Story of Your Life Songs    Shari - "In My Daughter's Eyes"      
Mar 10, 2009    Wild Card!    Melanie      


get to know some of the crazies that make up the TNMC...

(mouse over a picture for info)


The Grand Council
Ed (TNMC Grand Poobah) prefers to remain an enigma, wrapped in a riddle. His repetoire is as varied as his personality, including rock, funk, show tunes, and sappy love songs. If you want to hear something specific, just ask - the fearless Ed is usually very obliging!       Melanie (TNMC Consiglieri / O.B.I.) is one of the group's most talented singers and overall creative members. She can be seen covering anything from country to pop to musical theatre, or harmonizing with one of the other members.       Steve W (TNMC Vice President of Humptiness) tends to stay with the classics - many an old-time standard, with the occasional modern song mixed in. And of course, his signature tune, "The Humpty Dance".       Sue (TNMC GC Swinger) consistently offers up one of the more intriguing Theme Night submissions and has proved herself adept taking on most any music genre.
(Grand Poobah)
(Consiglieri / O.B.I.)
Steve W
(VP of Humptiness)
(GC Swinger)


Kelly began as one of the group's non-singing supporters, but finally succumbed and won TNMC's weekly "Theme Night" competition ("Duets") with her debut performance. George, along with Ed, has been a TNMC member since long before it even occurred on Tuesdays. Hear him sing anything from Gary Puckett to the Backstreet Boys. Jeannine ("J9") is one of the original TNMC members and specializes in pop songs, especially from the ‘80s. Request her to sing her rendition of “Fame”! Dee is TNMC's country music specialist, but can also rock out, and her take on Donna Summer's "On the Radio" is legendary. As leader of the "Karaoke Whores", she introduced the concept of "Theme Nights" long before it became a TNMC staple. Michelle, along with Ed, Jeannine, & Dee, is a member of the elite "Karaoke Whores" that helped revitalize the TNMC. Michelle is always taking a chance on new material, but you gotta request her version of the Motels' "Only the Lonely". Donna, despite possessing a wealth of stage talent, prefers to remain one of TNMC's regular "audience" members, especially while rooting on husband Jerry. Those that have seen her onstage hope to coax a karaoke appearance out of her eventually.
Jerry ("J-Magg") is one of TNMC's theatre veterans and as likeable a character as you'll find down at the Lounge (unfortunately because the rest are miserable jerks). Jerry specializes in rock/pop from the 60's through the 90's. Bob "Boob" is very likely the most powerful voice seen on the TNMC stage. Bob's singing always seems to make the girls swooney-eyed, and he can also drink most of the group under the table as well. Request some Journey from him! Meredith started with the group back in the early days at Eleanor's, and has returned after a long layoff. With musical theatre as her forte, Meredith has one of the truly great voices among the Club. Brian is another TNMCer with a theatrical background, and his musical talent is not limited to singing. On our stage, he is usually seen taking on showtunes, rock and pop standards. Joy is always happy with a mic in her hand and if you hear her voice, you'll know why. With a background in musical theatre, Joy is a pro whether going solo, in a duet, or even group-sing. Ray does have stage experience, but generally leaves that for other evenings and chooses to remain one of the steadfast audience members of the group... but we think he's just there for the girls.
Tim is one of the Lizard Lounge's bartenders and takes constant good-care of TNMC members. Tim also sings from a wide catalogue of pop-rock from the 50s through the 90s and is always up for trying something new. Joe, one of the truly great voices of the group, can sing from a multitude of genres and never shies away from trying unfamiliar material. This, along with his wardrobe (which ranges from shirt-n-tie to grass skirt and coconut bra) makes him a real wild card. Kevin acts as Security for TNMC's elite Whores as his primary Club duty, but will also occasionally be found singing... if you can get enough alcohol in him. Shari is another of the Club's trained voices and was a Theme Night winner in her first performance with her rendition of "In My Daughter's Eyes". Stephen is a charmer. With his infectious smile, he can croon with the best of them and is best known around the TNMC for his take on the Elvis Presley catalogue. Abe is usually one of the first to arrive and always the last to leave. If you ask nicely, you just might get him to knock your socks off with his fabulous rendition of Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills".
Keith is a well-known former American Idol contestant who's always adventurous in his song choices, often taking on the hits of female artists like Madonna or Katie Perry. Erika takes time off from singing with the popular band, Lewd Buddha, to sing with the TNMC and is usually good to offer up something spicy and provocative. Juliann, a singer for longer than even she can remember, can always be counted upon for an intense, heartfelt performance. Or at least a memorable performance on roller skates. Jordan is one of TNMC's younger spirits and is as enthusiastic as an audience member as she is a singer. Pulling her up for a group sing could result in anything from musical theatre to Britney Spears pop. Emma has become a regular on the TNMC stage and is best-known for her take on the Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". Frank's taste is pretty hardcore. If it rocks, Frank'll sing it. Expect to hear some Nickelback... Rob Thomas... Hell, he's even taken on Alanis Morrisette.
Bonnie brings a voice as sweet as her face to the TNMC stage. Although able to tackle any Club Theme thrown her way, you can't go wrong requesting a pretty ballad from Bonnie. "Sweet Melissa" is another theatre veteran who brings her pipes to the TNMC. Ask her for a ballad or to rock out with some Melissa Etheridge. "Sexyback Steve" brings a big smile to the stage no matter what the theme, but always gets the fannies on the dance floor with his take on the Justin Timberlake song of his TNMC nickname. Michele is TNMC's official bartender, but besides creating new drinks for TNMC occasions, also takes time out to sing with the Club, boasting a repertoire of over 500 songs! Kim has sworn she'll never be seen on the TNMC stage, but she remains a Tuesday night regular and avid supporter of the group's singers. Sooner or later, we expect her to take the stage (likely due to too many drinks). *UPDATE* - yeah...as we figured...alcohol did its job.  

Posted 10/25/2011

Hello TNMCers and TNMCwannabes!


We've got some great Theme Nights coming up soon, so come on down and join us for our own brand of "Extreme Karaoke & Drinking" (soon to be an Olympic sport)! Congratulations to Cheryl Zeiser, winner of last week's "Sheryl Crow Night" Theme with her perfomance of "Soak Up the Sun"! Here's what's on tap for this week:

This Week: October 25 - YOUR FIRST-EVER KARAOKE SONG - We know you're all hardened vets willing to try anything NOW, but think back to that first time you ever nervously and drunkenly stepped before a karaoke microphone. Reprise THAT song for us and tell us the story!

Next Week: November 1 - DEATH SONGS REDUX - One day post-Halloween, we bring back another popular Theme from '09. Death Songs is just that - songs with a body count! Maybe we'll get lucky and Death Himself will show up (he did last time!)!

Then: November 8 - ROD STEWART NIGHT - Yes, we think he's sexy. But more than that, Rod (heh, we said "Rod") is a great artist with a large repetoire of great songs, so come on down and belt one out!

We definitely want to see you down there this Season, and newcomers are welcome all the time! So run, walk, drunkenly stagger or otherwise amble your butt down to the Lounge to be a part of the action! See y'all this Tuesday!!!


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As always:

WHERE: Lizard Lounge, Sunrise Hwy, Bohemia ( www.lizardloungeli.com )
WHEN: Tuesday, October 18th @ 9pm
WHO: All of Us!
WHY: Drinks, singing, gossip, back-room thigh-rubbing.
WHAT: All the preceding did not answer this question?
HOW: Preferably naked, and oiled up...

"Sine humptiness, nos es nihilum"

Peace and Humptiness forever!
VP of Humptiness

P.S. "When we drink, we get drunk When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. So, let's all get drunk and go to heaven!" --Brian O'Rourke


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